Gr0+ car seat compatible with Isofix base

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by Looping
Type: Siège auto
Color - Black

Gr0+ car seat compatible from birth to 13kg, compatible with the Isofix LB321F base, and with the P306/P106/H308 strollers


  • Swing or fixed deckchair use
  • Fixing in the car using belts or the Isofix base available as an option ( ref LB321F )
  • 3 point harness
  • Removable hood
  • Leg covers
  • Harness protectors
  • Very soft and removable reducer
  • Made by our partner Looping Baby

Weights and Dimensions
- Weight: 3.0 kg

For ECE44 regulation:

Note for the user
This is a child restraint of the "universal" category. It is approved to Regulation No 44, 04 series of amendments, for general vehicle use, and can be fitted to most vehicle seats.
The device will likely be properly fitted to the vehicle if the vehicle manufacturer specifies in the vehicle manual that the vehicle can accommodate “universal” child restraints for that age group.

This child restraint has been classified as "universal" under more stringent requirements than those applied to earlier models that do not carry this label.
If in doubt, consult the child restraint manufacturer or retailer.
Depending on the deckchair:
This product is intended for a child of 9 kg
WARNING Do not use the bouncer when the child can sit up alone
WARNING This bouncer is not intended for long periods of sleep