After sales service

(from our workshop located in Montauban, 82000, France)

These services fall within the scope of products outside the legal warranty. 
They are chargeable and will be paid for by credit card. 
The repair will be subject to acceptance by us and an estimate validated by the customer.

Within the framework of sustainable development, protect the planet by giving a second life to your products under the control of the manufacturer who will provide you with original parts and quality repairs respecting the standards in force.

BAMBIGROUP manages in France a very large stock of spare parts corresponding to the models and proposed brands .

BAMBIGROUP also has a workshop located in France authorized to repair its products. (For obvious safety reasons, Bambisol will not be able to repair products from brands other than those offered: Bambisol , bambikid , baby'in , babyway , Creativebaby )

We will do our best to find a solution to your problem.

By phone on 05 63 91 85 75
(paid call according to the tariff of your operator)
By e-mail at

For your out-of-warranty products , we provide you with the following paid services:

  • Of the spare parts corresponding to the model you purchased within the limits of available stocks (payment by credit card before sending)
  • Accessories corresponding to the model you have purchased and within the limits of available stocks (payment by credit card before sending)
  • A mechanical repair package invoiced at €109.00 including tax, which can be completed within 15 working days excluding transport time. (Prior estimate to be returned signed. Payment by credit card upon receipt of the products and before work)
    This package is only offered in the event that the spare parts cannot be replaced by the customer and require a complex mechanical intervention. We reserve the right to refuse the repair following the description given by the customer or upon receipt of the product in our workshops.

Before contacting us, please have the following items present in general on your product:

  • THE serial number is indicated on the product using a label glued, sewn, etc. and generally preceded by the words "must be kept"
  • There brand is indicated on the product by means of a sewn or glued label, embroidery, printing, etc.
    (Bambisol, bambikid, baby'in, babyway, Creative baby)
  • There product reference is indicated on the product by means of a label sewn, glued, etc.
  • If possible a photo of the product as a whole
  • If possible a photo of the part to be replaced

Mechanical repair package €109.00 incl. tax


If your equipment is repairable, repair within 15 working days (excluding transport time)
If your equipment cannot be repaired, possible offer for sale of an equivalent second-choice product (destocking, end of series, samples, etc.)
A complete systematic review of your product during its visit to our workshops
A follow-up of your repair by email. Don't forget to leave your contact details!
A repair certificate attached to your product with a 3-month repair guarantee.

Products concerned: Stroller, car seat, car carrycot, high chair, beds, deckchair,...

What does the package consist of?
Concerns only the repair of damaged parts stipulated on the prior agreement
Verification of all the essential functions of the product
Verification of the quality of assembly of the various elements.
Transport costs back to mainland France, parts and labour.
Attention: Sending the product to our premises is at your sole expense, costs and terms.

Is the repair guaranteed?
The repair is guaranteed for 3 months. 
Please note that this warranty is not transferable if the product is sold to a third party.

Upon receipt in our workshops, the item turns out not to be repairable?
An equivalent second-choice product (destocking, end of series, samples, etc.) may be offered to you for sale depending on availability and at a preferential price.
Please note: the return of the defective product that cannot be repaired remains your responsibility.