How to best ensure the safety of your baby from 0 to 5 years old 👇🏼

It must be admitted, as young parents (and even after their 8th child) we spend our time worrying about babies. It is therefore normal to want to prevent him from accessing lots of things that we consider dangerous for him without however feeling guilty because he is forbidden everything. In fact, you just have to find the happy medium…. Easy to say isn't it?

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Bébé dis-moi ce que tu manges

Baby tell me what you eat

How does baby perceive food during his first year?

Babies are born with almost all tastes except salty, so it is very important to be careful not to salt their dishes and to gradually get them used to salty foods. In particular, it takes several attempts before a baby likes a food. To succeed in diversifying his food, it is best to eat as a family because your child will tend to imitate you and therefore want to taste new things. For people with a special diet, it is possible to have your child follow the same diet as you as long as he has all the vitamins necessary for his growth, otherwise he will have to be given the necessary supplements. Finally, have you ever wanted to chew your baby? I'm sure yes! Well relax it's completely normal, it results from too much emotion and helps reduce stress.

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Guide des lits bébé : Comment choisir le meilleur lit pour votre bébé

Crib guide: How to choose the best crib for your baby

Designing a nursery for your baby is fun and exciting. Not only are you creating a haven of tranquility that encourages your little ones to grow and learn, but you are also providing them with a cozy place that nurtures that sense of security. With that in mind, choosing the right crib is an important childcare choice you will make before the baby is born. You should know that a newborn sleeps approximately between 3 and 8 p.m. out of 24 and you will see these moments are precious. 

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