Rain cover for Group 0

Color - Transparent
Integral PVC rain cover with a passage for the handle of the car seat which will allow the baby to be transported in his seat in the rain. Also serves as ventilation to properly ventilate the passenger compartment. Maximum protection against rain and wind. Large in size, it can be used for large shell G0 car seats, including I-size type models.

  • Completely covers the car seat to effectively protect your baby from rain and wind
  • The passage for the handle allows the baby to be transported in the seat in the rain and to ventilate the passenger compartment
  • Large size, fits most G0+ car seats with carry handles including I-size car seats and Bambisol carry cots
  • Very easy installation
  • Easy maintenance

The opinion of the Pros
"Setting up and washing is easy, I waste less time getting the children settled in!" (Léa , childminder in the Loir et Cher region)

Never leave the child unsupervised.
When using make sure that the rain cover does not come into contact with the child's face.
Do not leave the child under the cover in sunny weather due to excessive heat.
Remove the cover before
installing the seat in the car.
Always secure your baby in the car seat.