Creative Baby activity and awakening base


The base of activity and awakening :

Childhood is made up of a multitude of learning experiences, all different from each other. From 6 months, babies begin to put their hands close to objects and want to grab them. As parents, stimulating baby and helping him learn new things is essential!

We all know that feeling of happiness when we see baby blossoming!

But it's not always easy for the child, he sometimes needs a little help.

The activity and awakening base allows you to accompany baby by participating in his development by allowing him to discover sounds, colors and materials. It helps to awaken the child's 3 senses in a very playful way. Baby has fun while learning new things.

The activity and awakening base places baby in a baby-friendly and comfortable environment that allows him to learn while having fun. The activity and awakening base has been designed, designed and tested so that baby is free to move and that he can enjoy all the activities offered by the base without risk of falling or a little sore during his little one. game time

The 360° rotating position allows the child to interact with the world around him and to have all the activities of the activity and awakening base at your fingertips. All the proposed activities amaze baby and allow him to develop his fine motor skills by touching and catching the objects of the base and his gross motor skills by giving him the possibility of moving in the base!!

The activity and awakening base therefore allows you a moment of sharing with baby while he benefits from the activities of the base.

The advantages of the activity and awakening base:

  • Awakening base with many fun activities within easy reach thanks to the rotating seat (360°)
  • 3 seat heights to adapt to the evolution of the baby
  • Fixed position or swing for more sensations
  • Very enveloping backrest, deep and comfortable seat
  • Electronic musical tablet, articulated rattles, mirror, fabric toy, to help the baby discover shapes, materials, sounds and movements.
  • Always keep an eye on your little wolf
    The opinion of the Pros

    "The perfect alchemy between the toy and the tool, the children love it and can spend hours there" (Sofia , childminder)

    USE: This product is designed for children who are able to support their head on their own and who can sit up on their own, around 6 months old (depending on the child's morphology). It is not suitable for children who weigh more than 12 kg. ATTENTION ! Should not be used by children over 36 months, to avoid the risk of tipping and collapsing. ATTENTION. Keep away from fire.
    WARNING: Never leave the child alone without supervision. Prevent access to stairs, steps and uneven surfaces.
    Follow the assembly instructions mentioned in the instructions for use. Check the correct installation of the toys on the shelf and their fixing.
    The price indicated includes an eco-participation tax of 0.97 TTC