Yuko Stroller Skateboard

Color - Black

The skateboard makes it easy for parents to ride 2 toddlers. Just install the attachments on the stroller and come and attach or detach the skateboard very easily. The fixings on the frame of the stroller do not in any way alter the folding of the stroller, in fact this one folds leaving the 2 adapters fixed on the rear bar of the frame.

The 3 wheels of the board protect the frame of the stroller from too much pressure.

Recommended minimum age 24 months

Maximum weight supported 20kg

Brands concerned: Bambisol, Looping

References concerned: N888 Yuko, P120, Z19, P169, P106

removable skateboard

attachment to the rear side tubes of the chassis using two adapters
Color black

Approximate dimensions: 

Height: 10cm

W: 46cm

L: 24cm

Attention :
Always assemble the spare part using the assembly instructions below.

Guarantee :
This accessory / spare part is guaranteed for 6 months from the date of purchase in the context of normal use (see Product guarantee ) Under no circumstances does it extend or reactivate the initial guarantee of the product.

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